More work, more health

UniMercosul concerned about the employees’ welfare to initiate the project "Integra Health", which will provide healthy meals during the work’s schedule, coordinated by nutritionist Vanessa Retamoso.

The company is the first in São Borja developing a project in this direction, keeping the direct nutritional counseling. According Marieli Caye, diretor and owner of UniMercosul, the idea came "when we were looking for something to improve the life's quality of our workers, then we think of nutritional re-education, teach to eat healthily, and has been very gratifying to see employees learning every day with the nutritionist".

The project has a menu to each day of week and counts on with three meal served promptly, breakfast, brunch and afternoon snack. The full menu includes sandwiches, varying or adding on bread and vegetables, and fruit snacks in the morning, also fruit salad, among other options. The drink is usually coffee with milk and natural juices.

The nutritionist says that "food is fundamental when it comes to health, because it is necessary to adequately feed ourselves to better perform our functions, both physically and mentally”, and complements that "the project‘s proposed is not to take a 'diet', but have a better life’s quality”.

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